My name is Allen and I like Drum Corps International, so here have a blog about it.

Currently marching mellophone for Golden Empire DBC

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oh my gosh please whatch Bakersfield College, open class, and I believe the show is called Coming Home. its worth man.


Nice, nice! I see you cymbals!!!

also the lady bass guitarist is gettin’ it haha.


Some people are nasty. This also goes for cleaning the bathroom during EPL at the end of a three day stay at a housing site.

(thank anon)


Some people are nasty. This also goes for cleaning the bathroom during EPL at the end of a three day stay at a housing site.

(thank anon)

That Which Confines Us {x} Pulse Percussion 2014

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The phrase “just one more time” is the reason I have trust issues

Murphy’s Law of Drill


The person with the shortest legs can and will get the biggest steps.

"Put on gloves so you don’t cut yourself," she said. "Oh look, my hand is bleeding profusely, and the glove is blood spattered," I said.



Hello everybody! I’m Nico Salum! I’m a 21 year old biochemistry major at California State University, Bakersfield. I have been playing euphonium for nearly seven years. I am currently a member of the CSUB Concert Band and the CSUB Pep Band. Additionally, I am an instructor at my alma mater, Centennial High School. It has been a dream of mine since high school to march in a World Class drum corps.

Fortunately, I have been accepted into the Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps, Southern California’s only World Class drum and bugle corps, for the 2014 season on euphonium. This summer, we will be presenting No Strings Atttached…, a show that will musically and visually explore the world of puppets from our perspective and theirs, to nearly 100,000 fans in live performances and in cinemas across the country.

Being a part of Pacific Crest will cost me $2,000. This fee covers transportation, lodging, meals, uniforms, instruments, equipment, production, and instruction.

I will be a rookie age-out (aka rookout), meaning that this will be my ONE AND ONLY SUMMERas a performer on a World Class corps.

It will be greatly appreciated if you considered helping my dream become a reality by donating what you can and sharing this campaign with friends and family. Any amount donated will go a mile and more in helping me march my ONE AND ONLY SUMMERof drum corps. Non monetary donations are also welcome.

If you have any questions about donating or anything about what this summer entails for me or would like to support my dream non-monetarily please feel free to contact me at

Please consider funding one of our members!

What the hell is happening right now I’m so confused


Oh my god this is beautiful.

So I just checked my email and I know who submitted this fuckin nerd

Oh my god this is beautiful.

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DCI Logo Analysis + Breakdown


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What are you most looking forward to on tour


I’m just ready to get away from the real world for a while.